About Our Beef

About Our Natural Grass Fed Beef

We do not finish our cattle with corn!

All our cattle are free range, with lots of pasture to roam on. The pasture is made up of mixed grasses and legumes, which provide them a full range of nutrients and minerals.

Our cattle spend their entire lives eating fresh natural wild grasses, with additional hay in the winter. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used because we want natural beef only.

We’re proud to sell you the same lean, clean, natural beef that we eat.

All our beef is dry-aged. It is fresh frozen after a two to three week dry-aging process to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour. Our local butchers are Otonabee Meat Packers in Keene, Ontario, Hilts Butcher Shop in Norwood, Ontario and VG Meat Packers in Simcoe Ontario.


We think our beef is a healthier lifestyle choice. Our cattle eat a mix of natural wild grasses and legumes. They are raised without the use of added antibiotics, hormones.

Locally Grown

Buying locally raised beef means you can be comfortable knowing the source of your food. And it's environmentally responsible, because buying local also reduces transportation and pollution.


This process involves storing the beef at or near freezing temperatures. It is seldom found outside of steak restaurants and upscale butcher shops. The taste of dry-aged beef is almost incomparable to that of wet-aged."

Aaron, Ben and George MacDonald are the owners of Heritage Cattle Company, a local family farm operating in the county of Peterborough, Ontario.

We have a passion for good farming practices because we believe in quality of product and quality of life. Our reputation is on the line, so we not only eat what we sell, but ensure that the same quality beef we want to eat is the same quality beef that we sell. Grass fed beef requires lots of good pasture, fences, and dedicated farmers; this is what we do best.

Our farm has the advantage of being far from big cities, and that means our cattle graze on clean, unpolluted, natural wild grasses. Which of course means the beef that ends up on your dinner table is natural and healthy as well.