Custom Orders

What is a custom order? A custom order is when you purchase a quarter (1/4) or side (1/2) of a beef.  This is a carcass that is hanging in a controlled temperature environment to which a skilled butcher will custom cut your beef to exactly your specifications. This is the most economical way to purchase our 100% grass fed beef and it is the best for us, “the farmers”, because it is 100% direct from farmer to consumer. Sides(1/2) and quarter (1/4) cuts of beef are available year round.  Please expect the entire process to take up to one month; this is to ensure your beef is properly dry aged, custom cut, packed and frozen.

How to Order a ½ or ¼ Beef



*The weight of a ½ beef ranges between 250–350 lbs and a ¼ can weigh between 125-175 lbs.

Weight: Please note, that there is a reduction in weight from what you pay to what you take home; here’s why:

The weight total that you pay for comes from the actual weight of the 1/2 or 1/4 of the cow you have purchased – everything is included in this purchase weight.  

Once purchased and your cut sheet has been submitted, your 1/2 or 1/4 beef then gets cut according to your instructions.  With the cutting, parts of your 1/2 or 1/4 that are inedible are deducted (Ex. sinew, grizzle, cartilage etc). This means a roughy 15-20% reduction in weight, this depends on your cutting instructions.

Ordering Beef: 

1. Email your preferred date and I will reply to confirm availability.

2. Fill out the butcher cut sheet and send it back to me; the cut sheet provides details to our butcher for your order. I can email you a cut sheet or you can get one here: the 2024 Cut Sheet

Delivery Available

Please complete delivery section on the 2024 Cut Sheet. $150 is generally what it costs to ship a custom order in Ontario. Often times, we are able to ship for less and will confirm your shipping cost once we have your order and address.

Freezer Space

How much is a ¼ beef?  A 1/4 beef is roughly 5 boxes and each box contains roughly 20lbs. The pictures below are from an actual 1/4  beef we shipped to one of our happy customers. A side of beef is double this amount.

How To Complete Cut Sheets

  • 1) Save the blank form to your computer
  • 2) Open the form and fill it in
  • 3) Save the completed form to your computer
  • 4) Open it and make sure your information was saved
  • 5) Email that completed form to

View the 2024 Cut Sheet.

Custom Beef Orders:

Carcass Breakdown (approximate)
50% -Ground Beef and/or Stew beef
25% – Steak
25% – Roast

½ Beef (approximately 300lbs)
Minus cutout waste (15-20%) = 240lbs

Ground Beef/Stew Beef = 120lbs
Steak =  60lbs
Roast =  60lbs

¼ Beef (approximately 150lbs)
Minus cutout waste (15-20%)               120lbs 

Ground Beef/Stew Beef =  60lbs.   Steak =  30lbs
Roast =  30lbs